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RMS Garage

About RMS Garage

Based in the London, RMS Garage (previously RMS Japworks) provides both general vehicle servicing, maintenance repair and race car preparation. Our 2,100 sq ft. workshop is clean and secure environment. Our workshop is continuously under improvement with new tools and facilities.

Road Car

We provide general maintenance and servicing for road cars. We can replace worn brakes, slipping clutches and broken gearboxes. We have the latest engine diagnostics equipment to read errors off the cars ECU and carry out the work to remedy it.

Performance/Race Car

We’re not your typical car garage, we work on fast street, drag, drift and race cars from priceless porches to the latest Type R’s.¬† We provide drive in NA, drive out turbo conversions for Hondas. We fabricate parts inhouse and can cater to most performance/race car needs. Get in touch with your requirements.

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