Brakes Replacement


Brakes Replacement

Brake replacement

Your brakes are the most important safety system fitted to your car. If your brakes are worn or ineffective then you are putting yourself and others such as your friends, family or loved ones at risk.

Roads are getting busier, and other driver carelessness would appear to be on the increase. Ensuring your car stops quickly and efficiently is the difference you need to avoid an accident or injury.

Brakes are essential, they need to be checked regularly to ensure they remain in optimum working order.

We provide brake inspections free, and can replace brake pads, discs and drums for a wide range of vehicles.

With our motorsport arm, we also offer brake upgrades for most vehicles with vented or slotted disks and uprated pads, these decrease stopping distance of your car and provide additional safety and longevity over OEM items.

If you are interested in getting your brakes checked, or having brake discs, pads or drums replaced. Then please get in touch either by calling us or via the form.

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